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The Firebird is an electric cello which is usable also as a ‚silent‘ cello.The Firebird is equipped with piezo electrical sensors, a 4-band equalizer and can be connected to a bass amplifier to play in large spaces.

The Firebird can additionally be used with headphones and amplifier, to practice with without others hearing.
Breast-, arm and knee-rests are removable parts.
The tailpiece has 4 fine tuning mechanisms.The Firebird can, if wished, be furnished with bass guitar tuning mechanisms or traditional pegs.

The standard string lenght of 69 cm is alterable on request.
The Firebird including softbag costs € 1500.
Apart from that, fully assembled, the Firebird with bass tuning mechanisms also fits in most standard cello cases while with pegs it will fit in any.

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